The Week That Was

Here is a quick recap of this week’s highlights:

Paloma Faith

I am crushing on this song this week. I heard it on the promo for Winners and Losers then again on iTunes Radio that I was listening to at work. I’ve seen Paloma perform on The Graham Norton Show and she’s pretty amazing. I like this song; it sounds a bit 60s with some Motown thrown in. Love it 🙂

Saturday Morning Footy

I do enjoy my son’s footy season but I must admit I like when it’s coming to a close. Only a few games left and then it’s over for another year. I don’t think my boy will ever be an Eagle but man, does he love being part of the team. He’s such a gentle soul my Fletcher so he’s a very timid player and doesn’t use half as much strength on the footy field as I know he has. I don’t care. He’s happy which makes me happy. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day.


Rainy Days

Oh how I love rainy days. They’re even better when you’re cosy inside watching a good movie. Or hanging out in bed with a good book.


Girls Nights

One of the best things in life is having time with the girls. I’m lucky to have lots of lovely ladies in my life: my beautiful mum and sisters; girlfriends from primary school; school mums; extended friends and family members. Last night six of us spent a lovely Friday evening learning about everything makeup – being colour matched and trying on some awesome products. We even dabbled in some champagne. Very girly indeed.


My Offspring

I’m lucky that my two treasures get on so well. Very rarely do they argue, and when they do they get over it pretty quickly. Even though they deny it, they truly are best friends. I look forward to watching them grow up, hanging out with each other’s friends, maybe dating a few. It’s all so exciting.


Speaking of Offspring …

I truly am besotted with this show. I’ve watched it from Season One and it just keeps getting better and better. Seasoned actors like John Waters and Deb Mailman make the show amazing and Asher Keddie who plays Nina – well, what can I say? I want her home, I want her fashion sense, I want to be a Proudman! It’s a fantastic Australian show that really sucks you in week after week and when Patrick died, that just floored me. It was like I lost a real person in my life. Truly heartbreaking.


I’m also loving The Time of Our Lives on ABC1. Another fantastic Australian show with an amazing cast. This too is one of my faves. If you haven’t seen it, then “do yourself a favour” as they say.


All Things Food

I baked on Monday. I don’t bake as often as I like but when I do, I bake all day. My daughter will try just about anything but it’s totally wasted on my son. He’s just way too fussy. But that’s okay – I was really really fussy when I was young so I know he’ll grow out of it. I still am fussy to an extent but I’m definitely getting better.


So overall, it was a pretty good week. The hubby’s home next week and we’ve got a few things planned, plus some other stuff for good measure. How was your week?


Why Do I Write?

I have been nominated by HayleyGemma to contribute to a Blog Hop – to find out why I write. Well, here is why:

A few months ago, I compiled a list of “50 Things to Do Before I’m 50”, and No. 2 on that list is “to write a book”. I have always been fascinated with writing, amazed at how one can come up with an original story that’s never been written before. The same goes with songs. How do they keep coming up with new songs? Without plagiarising someone else’s work? Such clever people are they. I wouldn’t know where to start.

A while back I found my primary school reports and while reading through them, I discovered that a couple of my teachers said that I was a good writer and storyteller. I can’t remember this of course but it got me thinking, maybe I CAN do it?


Blogging has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but my confidence got in the way of taking that first step. Then I thought, now is as good a time as any. I don’t want to wait anymore for that perfect moment. I’m not getting any younger that’s for sure.

The hubby and I are travelling overseas to the US at the end of the year and I figured starting my blog now would be a great way for the kids, my friends and my family – who are not Facebookers – to keep up with what we’re doing. What better way to document the wonderful life experience we are about to embark on with words and pictures?

I have this somewhat far-fetched notion that something is going to happen on this said holiday – whether it be a location or someone I see and am inspired by – and I’ll come home with a story. It may happen, we’ll see.


I also find that, being a FIFO wife, I crave adult contact through social media more while the hubby is away. I’m always thinking, thinking, thinking, and it’s nice to be able to write it down. Plus there’s a comfort in reading about other people’s idiosyncrasies. It can make you feel more normal about your own.

Also, who doesn’t love to share? Your favourite song, some great food, your thoughts of the day. What’s not great about that?



Today did not turn out as I had planned. In a good way.

I did the mundane thing this morning and went off to work while two of my gorgeous friends had my kids, on this last day of the school holidays. I planned to come home and wash and vacuum the car. Not something I really wanted to do but it needs doing.

However, when I went to pick up my son, my friend gave me some lemons from her lemon tree. Now I’m not a very lemony person, but they just looked so good I couldn’t resist. Then came the question – what to cook?


I don’t cook very often, even less now since we live a FIFO life. When I do get the urge it tends to be when the hubby is up north, not sure why that is? It seems I have more motivation to cook when hubby’s away. Possibly because it keeps me busy and helps to pass the time.

I used to be a buyer of recipe books and magazines but I couldn’t bear to throw them away neither did I want to keep them (?!), so now I use my iPad to source recipes. Searching for “lemon” recipes on my Taste app, and going off the ingredients I had at home, I settled on Lemon Loaf.


When I do make the time to cook, I tend to bake until all my ingredients run out, sometimes having to borrow stuff from the neighbours. Some flour here, an egg there. I’m sure they’re sick of me by now!

So, in sticking with this tradition, I had some rolled oats I wanted to use, so of course that meant baking a batch of Anzac Cookies. Yum!


Next came my dilemma of what to do with two very-ripe bananas. Another search of the Taste app and I found Banana, Coconut and Walnut Bread. I die.

The only ingredient I didn’t have was cream cheese so off to the shop I went to complete my baking.


It turned out to be a great day 🙂

I Don’t Do Cats

I don’t do cats. I’m convinced they want to eat me or pounce on me when I’m not looking. Both of these scenarios are equally frightening.

When I was 14 years old, I stayed with my Aunty and Uncle for a week during the school holidays. They had two Siamese cats (the most scariest of breeds I reckon). I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen and stood back without looking, and I stood on one of the cats. It made such a growl that I shit myself and ran outside. I think that cat has scarred me for life.

I can however, tolerate an old, lazy, fat cat. The kind that just sits on a chair and is quite content to do so.


In contrast though, I am completely in love with this cat lamp. I can picture it hanging in a corner of my home, with a big wingback chair underneath it. An ideal spot for reading. Come to think of it, I have the perfect spot in my bedroom and I have said chair. Guess I know what I’ll be purchasing now.

Ten Things

Lists. I love them. In fact, I may be slightly obsessed with them. I make lists for every occasion, and I’ve even been guilty of adding things to an existing list just so I can cross it off as “done”.

So, in rolling with my love of lists, here is a list of ten things you may or may not know about me:

1. I love life. Not in a daredevil, bungee-jumping, fast car racing kind of way, but just in an everyday, appreciate what you have, love my friends and family kind of way.

2. I’m a very optimistic person. I will always see the silver lining in any occasion. My glass is always half full, even on crappy days.

3. I love laundry day. Which is today (Sunday). I’m not sure why as my house looks like a clothes bomb has exploded! But there’s nothing better than after one day, five loads of washing are washed, dried, folded and put away, only to start the dirty laundry pile all again a few hours later.

4. I suffer from Bitchy Resting Face. Sad but true. This is where inside you are completely happy but your face tells another story. Most people that see me when I have my BRF on must think I want to kill them. Be rest assured, I don’t. I think you’re all wonderful.

5. I love music. All kinds of music. Daggy 70s stuff I grew up on (Boney M, Leo Sayer); music that came out of the best decade ever – the ’80s; and everything in between. Australian music, love it! I can’t get enough of it. I’ll listen to it at home, in the car, before going to bed, while exercising. Music is definitely my feel-good drug.

6. I am extremely loyal. Extremely. To my family and my friends. Sometimes to the point where it’s a bad thing. I still hold a grudge against a girl who was mean to my older sister in primary school, and my sister is now in her 40s. Granted, I never see this girl and we’re not Facebook friends or anything, but I must admit my lip does curl up when her name is mentioned.

7. I have a new favourite spot in my house: sitting on my Tolix kitchen bar stool at my island bench with my laptop, either writing blogs, scrolling through Facebook or searching YouTube for music to download to my iTunes. I spent the good part of the last week sitting here and I can’t seem to leave.

8. My current occupation is a house cleaner. Quite often I will go through the list (yes, another list) of pros and cons which comes with this job – it’s not really what I want to do; it’s unglamorous work; I could be doing so much more with my life. Then I think – it’s honest work; it keeps me busy; it gives me pocket money to spend on what I want (mostly concerts and renovating or upcycling). But I think the biggest thing is I feel good knowing that these homeowners can now come home to a beautifully clean home and they won’t have to spend their small amount of free time cleaning. I say, if you can outsource your chores, then do it!

9. I love concerts. A few months ago I wrote a list (yes, another one!) of all the concerts I’ve ever been to. And it’s an extensive list. It seems I have seen every musical genre possible – from New Kids on the Block, to U2, to Icehouse, to Kenny Rogers (my guilty pleasure), to Powderfinger. After Bruce Springsteen (!!) came in February, I thought I was satisfied to never have to go to another concert. But the bands keep on coming and my hands are tied! I just have to!

10. I gave up chocolate 27 days ago. Prior to that I went through a stage where I was nearly overdosing on the stuff so I gave up cold turkey. I’m not saying that I’ll never have chocolate again, but for now, that’s how I’m rolling.


image image

It was so cold last night that I slept with all my clothes on. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

I love winter. In fact, I love all the seasons. I’ve never really understood how someone can hate a season? And I do have friends that hate winter. I figure you have to have winter to have a spring, spring to have a summer, summer to have an autumn. It’s that simple.

There are a lot of good things about winter:

* warm fluffy socks
* a hot cup of tea
* slow cooker meals
* watching movies on the couch when it’s raining outside
* my snuggly, warm, slightly dowdy, dressing gown
* that extra blanket on the bed
* a warm, crackling fire

And there are some things that I could do without:

* muddy shoes
* freezing cold footy season
* sometimes, despite your efforts, you just can’t get warm
* the occasional runny nose

But it’s a small price to pay. I just love winter.

The Countdown is On

I don’t like to wish my life away. I remember mum used to say to me that I shouldn’t say “I can’t wait” for things to come/happen. But I am so looking forward to when the hubby and I head to the US of A at the end of the year!

I’ve been planning my travel blog since the beginning of the year so I can document my holiday for the kids and family back home. I thought I should start now so I know what I’m doing come December. I’d hate to get on the plane to write my first post and then my blog wouldn’t work! That would be devastating to say the least!

My Countdown app shows that we have 25 weeks and 13 hours till the big event! Here is a quick rundown of our itinerary:

26 December 2014 – Fly to Sydney, then onto LA, then onto Las Vegas. Because of the time difference, we leave Perth on the 26th and it will still be the 26th when we get to Vegas! Because I have the luxury of this being a sans kids holiday, I’m thinking of taking a sleeping tablet for this leg of the journey. Never done that before so that may be a new experience!

Five nights in glorious, exciting Vegas! During this time, Mark and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, so of course, in true Vegas style, we are renewing our vows and (hopefully) I will be walked down the aisle by The King, Elvis Presley. There’s one thing I can tick off my “50 Things to Do Before I’m 50″ list!

31 January 2015 – We then travel by Lux Bus to Hollywood, home of the Stars! We arrive on New Year’s Eve, not sure what Hollywood does for New Year’s but I’m sure we’ll find something to do! Four nights in Hollywood which will include a trip out to Malibu and the like, then it’s off to New York!

4 January 2015 – We have five unforgettable nights in The Big Apple, doing all the touristy things I’m sure, like Rockefeller Centre, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, hopefully we’ll also be able to score audience tickets to the Jimmy Fallon Show, or something similar. I’ve never seen snow before and it’s going to be bloody freezing! So I better see snow!

9 January 2015 – Then it’s back to LA, to then fly to Brisbane, then onto good ol’ Perth. Home.

This will be my biggest trip ever. I’ve done Bali many times and last year we all went to Phuket. I’ve travelled most of Australia, but this is massive!

My sister, Kristi, has warned Mark to not expect too much conversation from me while we’re there. She’s predicting that I will be eyes-wide-open, taking every single thing in. And I suspect she might be right.