Taking Stock

Oh Sunday, how I love thee.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week; Friday night coming a close second. It’s the day of the week that I can lay in bed (with the washing machine on) and read a book or watch YouTube music clips – one of my favourite past times. It’s also the day for baking, blogging, washing and hanging out at home.

Next month I will be partaking in Pip’s online course “Blog with Pip” which I’m totes excited about! I love learning about new things and being creative. One of Pip’s regular blogs is “Taking Stock” which is a fun list of “reading, playing, liking, knowing…” and I thought I’d give it a crack. So here’s my version of “Taking Stock”:

Making: a lovely morning cup of tea. The best beverage in the world.
Cooking: technically, I’m not cooking today, but yesterday I baked vanilla cupcakes and Anzac biscuits.
Drinking: that beautiful cup of tea. Heaven in a cup.
Reading: “I’m Talking” by Kate Ceberano.
Wanting: my hair to turn back to how I had it in high school. Sigh.
Looking: through Facebook. Such a timewaster but I can’t pull myself away.
Playing: with my new camera that I bought this week in preparation for our USA trip. I got a Nikon D3200.
Deciding: that I now want to do a short photography course so I can know everything that my new camera does and I’m snap-ready for America.
Wishing: that the sun would come out so I can paint my son’s room.
Enjoying: the sweet sounds of my new playlist on my iPhone.
Waiting: till I have to take my son to his footy windup this afternoon.
Liking: this cool new track: Tove Lo – Stay High (Habits Remix) ft. Hippie Sabotage


Wondering: what I’m going to do tomorrow on my day off.
Loving: life. Pure and simple.
Pondering: on whether to do a short interior design course. They keep sending me the information in the mail and emailing me and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. What have I got to lose? Should I just do it?
Considering: going for a run. It’s time peeps.
Watching: the Disney Channel on Foxtel – my daughter has control this morning :/
Hoping: secretly that, one day, my daughter will play (at least try) netball. It was something I loved so much when I was younger. But I know it’s her choice. Maybe I’ll have to get my son into it instead.
Marvelling: at life stories. I’m obsessed with shows like Australian Story and Who Do You Think You Are? I would love to pen some life stories into a book. Anyone got a story they’d like to tell me?
Needing: someone (read: myself) to kick me up the arse and get in shape for our USA trip which is in 116 days!!
Smelling: my shampooed head
Wearing: my daggy clothes and Bonds slouch slippers. It’s my go-to hanging out at home, not glamorous at all, outfit.
Following: some cool new bloggers that I’ve found through Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Social media really is a marvellous tool.
Noticing: that our dog is licking a limestone block in the backyard. Umm, why?
Knowing: that the group of school mums that I hang with are some of the coolest peeps ever. It amazes me how much in common I have with these fine folk. So much to talk about!
Thinking: that I need to buy a new phone charger. This one’s just not doing its job.
Admiring: my children: how they can have a little tiff one minute and the next they’re back to being besties.
Sorting: through photos on my iPhone.
Buying: herbs tomorrow for my new vertical herb garden. Watch this space.
Getting: excited for what’s to come. So many things to look forward to.
Bookmarking: things to do in Las Vegas. So much to do, so little time.
Disliking: negativity. Life is short. Seek out the positives, peeps.
Opening: the back door to let the fresh air in.
Giggling: at my son. He really is a funny fellow.
Feeling: so proud of my eldest sister who has just texted me a pic of her completing the City to Surf this morning. 12.38km in 1:09mins. Go sis!
Snacking: on an Anzac biscuit I baked yesterday. Yum!
Coveting: a pair of Toms. I hope to find them in abundance at a ridiculously cheap price when in the USA.

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Wishing: that I could win the Lotto and become a property developer. You know, the worst house in the best street. That kind of thing.
Helping: my kid’s go through their clothes. So. Many. Clothes.
Hearing: my washing machine beeping and telling me that it’s finished. Time to put another load on.

Have a great day lovelies!

Aims  x


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