My Life Lately

I think the winds have changed. Oh yes, that’s right, it’s Spring! Spring has sprung! One of my four favourite seasons 🙂

The change in the air must be the reason why, for the last week or so, I’ve wanted to change everything. EVERYTHING! Furniture in every. single. room of my house(!), our backyard, my body, my eating plan (or lack thereof), my hair, my exercise regime (or lack thereof), craft projects. As I said, everything!

The last fews days has seen me back on Pinterest – to the extreme. Updating my pin boards, deleting boards that I don’t like anymore, pinning cool new stuff. As I’m typing this I have a Banana Cake in the oven – a treat for my FIFO hubby who returns tomorrow! – and I’m just about to wash the dishes (no, I don’t have a dishwasher. I’m a weirdo like that!) But all I can think about is Pinterest and how I can’t wait to sit down and get on it!


If I’m guilty of anything, it’s wanting to try new things. Now I know that’s a good thing, really I do. I like to learn something new, achieve the outcome and then move onto the next thing. But sometimes, I have unfinished, multiple projects on the go which I don’t dig so much.

I’ve been wanting to create a photo wall for the longest time, something like this. A few months ago I sorted out all my digital photos – over 40,000 photos! It was a massive job that took a few weeks to complete. Then I started collating a selection of pics I wanted to print out and put on said photo wall. But have I done it yet? Of course not! (shakes fist)

Here are some cute and easy (read: non time-consuming) projects I’d like to try in the next couple of weeks. This, this one too and this one.

As for my furniture, I hate my red couch. I love how comfy it is but I hate the colour. One could say I’m over it. It just does not go. I asked Dad, who is an upholsterer, if it would be worth getting it recovered. He seems to think for what I paid for them to just move on and buy something new. He’s good like that. I want something like this.

I feel my house is too “junky”. There’s just too much stuff. I’d be interested to see what visitors to my abode thought or if it’s just me that’s sick of seeing my stuff. I’m not a hoarder (I don’t think) and I love a good clean out. There’s nothing better than throwing out rubbish or giving stuff away. And I do love storage. I would love to be a professional declutterer person. To get into other peoples homes and sort out their stuff. I don’t mean eclectic stuff; my friend Reannon has a great style. I mean people who hoard shit on top of shit. A job like Peter Walsh from Oprah. Dream job! Pick me!

Exercise: urgh, where do I start? I’m not going to bore you because exercise talk can be sooooo boring. But I will say this: last year I was fucking awesome at running! In Sept 2012 I struggled to run for 1 minute, then the following May I ran 12km, NON-STOP, in the HBF Fun Run! What an achievement! And like I said before, once I’ve achieved something I lose interest, hence the 10kilo weight gain! 😦 I’m desperate to lost this weight – where is that drive when I need it?!

image image

Anyway, enough about me. Have things changed for you lately?

If you need me, I’ll be over at Pinterest. Bye for now!

Aimee x


4 thoughts on “My Life Lately

  1. hayleygemma says:

    Waah your links won’t work for me. I’ll try again when I’m home.

    Spring is the PERFECT time for fresh starts. Do it all!
    Re: professional organisers. I used to be one, owned my own business in karratha and everything. I can help you get there if you like?

    And the exercise and weight loss- I hear ya! I’m starting pole dancing classes when I get home- wanna join me? It’ll be so friggen funny but oh so good for our bodies (and self esteem).

    You are fab, now go out and change shit! It’s fun!


    • sealy76 says:

      They won’t work for me either now? I’ll look into it 🙂 Ooh, I’d love to chat about that Hayls! Under your tree with a wine would be perfect! Pole dancing sounds great. I’m so chicken though and need to get super fit before even trying. But yeah, I’ll (maybe) give it a go with you 😉

    • sealy76 says:

      Haha! That’s a funny way to describe it! I love your taste. It’s so colourful and cheery! It’s funny though how you can be totally over your stuff but others think it’s amazing? 🙂

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