Taking Stock – November 2014


Making : a cuppa
Cooking : chicken enchiladas for tea
Drinking : tea and water
Reading: Harry M Miller “Confessions of a Not-So-Secret Agent”. It’s a good read but I keep putting it down to jump onto social media. Procrastination much?
Wanting: desperately to get back to being healthy and exercise more
Looking: at wedding chapels online in Vegas. It’s getting close!
Playing: Piperoll on the iPad
Deciding: on which movie to download next. Any suggestions?
Wishing: I didn’t need to wash my hair everyday
Enjoying: the fact that I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and it’s all wrapped up, ready for the big day
Waiting: for Wednesday when the hubster returns from a FIFO stint
Liking: time with my family and friends. There’s truly nothing better
Wondering: if my niece will take my budgeting advice. Probably not 😊
Loving: my new white Christmas tree
Pondering: my self-doubt
Considering: untangling the mountain of solar Christmas lights for outside. Might do that this afternoon
Watching: music clips on YouTube. It’s always my go-to feel-good place
Hoping: for snow in New York in January. It will be a first for me
Marvelling: at my children. For nothing in particular; just because they’re them
Needing: some brown boots for America, which I’ll buy … in America #somuchcheaper
Smelling: freshly laundered clothes
Wearing: my nightie. All day. Without a bra. I don’t even care
Following: the tributes for Phillip Hughes. It’s been a cryfest this morning
Noticing: how unkempt my nails are. Looking forward to my upcoming manicure
Knowing: that I can do it. I just have to believe
Thinking: about so much that I don’t know where to start
Admiring: my friend who made a change that is proving to be the best decision she made for herself
Sorting: through the spare room. It’s neverending
Buying: an express pass for NYC so we don’t have to wait in line for The Rock and the Empire State Building
Getting: some books delivered, borrowed by my bestie
Bookmarking: the Oztix website so I don’t miss out on buying Chet Faker tickets
Disliking: that I missed presale for Chet Faker
Opening: new birthday gifts
Giggling: at Will & Grace reruns
Feeling: excited for our America holiday in 25 days!

Snacking: on funsize Cadbury Marvellous Creations. I don’t really like them but hey, it’s chocolate
Coveting: a new wardrobe of clothes
Helping: my sister yesterday with her home. It’s amazing how rearranging furniture can make you fall in love with the space all over again
Hearing: “Good Luck Charlie” on the tv. The kids have taken over the lounge room

Aimee x


The Best Cheese Sauce This Side of Texas


I’ll tell you something for free. Are you sitting down? Here goes: I make the best cheese sauce this side of Texas.

Well, according to me that is.

My cheese sauce is the one thing that I can ace everytime. Every. Time. (Note: now that I’ve said this out loud, I’m going to stuff it up the next time I make it). I know a lot of people can make cheese sauce without error but I also know that some people can’t make it. They get lumps (🎶my lumps, my lumps, my lumps🎶. Sorry, I got off track there). Or it’s too runny. Or not cheesy enough. So it can be a little difficult to make.

If you’re here for a recipe … well okay, here it is:

(Disclaimer: Now I’m not a chef which means I’m not an expert but I have made this heaps so i believe I can share it with you and you should be able to ace it too).

2-3 tbspns Butter
3 tbspns Flour
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups grated cheese
(I don’t measure my ingredients. This is a guesstimate of what you’ll need)

1. Melt butter in a saucepan
2. Take it off the stove and, with a whisk, stir in flour, salt and pepper.
3. Gradually add milk to flour mixture so as not to get lumps.
4. Add cheese
5. Return to heat and stir continuously until it thickens.

Like I said, it’s very simple so give it a go next time you’re making a lasagne.

But what I want to know is what it is that you ace everytime in the kitchen? What’s the one thing that you are shit hot at making? Share how awesome you are in the comments below.

Aimee x

You’re The One That I Want

There are some movies that I would say I’m addicted to. You know the ones: the movies that you’ve seen more times than you can remember but you still have to watch them EVERYTIME they are on the telly. All of these movie faves I have on my hard drive but I will still watch them on the box – ads and all! Somehow it seems more exciting to me. I know, I’m a weirdo, right?


Tonight Grease will be on the screen and my daughter and I are settled in on the couch waiting waiting waiting for it to start. As I’m typing this the excitement is building within me. It’s like it’s my first time seeing it. I can’t explain it. Tell me you feel it too about your fave movie?

My other fave movie list includes, but is in no way limited to:

The Sound of Music


Who can resist Fräulein Maria and the shenanigans that her and the Von Trapp kids got up to?

Dirty Dancing


“Nobody puts Baby in the corner” is the most popular quote from this iconic film but mine is “I carried a watermelon”. Love this movie. Patrick. Swoon.

The Breakfast Club


A self-confessed 80s tragic am I. Anything of John Hughes’ is a must-love of mine. And I just can’t get enough of this one.

National Lampoon’s Vacation


Chevy Chase is hilarious. That’s all that needs to be said about this film.

What are some of your faves?

Aimee x

80s Overload

Those that know me know I’m mad for music, I’m mad for concerts and I’m mad for the 80s. Put them all together and you have the perfect event! Last night was An Evening on the Green in Kings Park featuring a selection of fine 80s Aussie talent. If you’ve never been to one of these events, make sure you do sometime in the near future. They’re held all around Australia and, in my opinion, an outdoor concert is always the best type of concert. And Kings Park is a cracker of a venue. Although when the sun went down it got
freezing so my inner-Granny came out and I did have to hide under a blanket!

Last night’s lineup was a goodin’. I’ve done a few 80s concerts – being the Countdown Spectacular at the Burswood Dome a few years back and even one at Metro’s in Freo which was great!

Last night started with Swanee aka John Swan – Jimmy Barnes’ older brother and frontman to The Party Boys. It was a great way to start.
Party Boys – “Hold Your Head Up”

Wendy Matthews hasn’t aged a day and her voice is smooth as silk. Love Wendy.
Wendy Matthews – “I Dont Want to Be With Nobody But You”

Mark Gable didn’t disappoint with “Run to Paradise”. He’s still got it and had the crowd moving.
Choirboys – “Run to Paradise”

GANGgajang were fantastic. They started with “The Bigger They Are” (which we found out the film clip was filmed in our very own Perth Entertainment Centre!) and of course finished with “Sounds of Then”. Such as Aussie song – love it!
GANGgajang – “Sounds of Then”

Rose Tattoo turned up and put on a great show. Although I didn’t see much as I was at the bar for a refill. Angry was great. He made a little speech about how great Australia is and we all had a little toast. Then I think he dropped a couple of expletives which was pretty cool.
Rose Tattoo – “We Can’t Be Beaten”

I must admit I couldn’t really remember Mi-Sex, until they belted out “Computer Games”! Do you remember that one? So ahead of their time!
Mi-Sex “Computer Games”

I must admit that when Moving Pictures came on I was on a loo break and getting a coffee (the sun was down, I’d finished my alcohol and the coffee was calling me!) so we sang along to “What About Me?” up on the hill. Who doesn’t love that song? It just proves that all you need is one hit and you can live off the royalties forever!
Moving Pictures – “What About Me?”

The Machinations were great too. I have fond memories of watching them on videotape at my aunty’s house when I was about 11 years old. Over and over and over.
Machinations – “No Say In It”

Now I thought John Paul Young was going to be a real dork but he was great! Of course he started with “Love Is In The Air” then went on to “I Hate The Music” and “Yesterday’s Hero”. All that was missing was Molly and the Countdown stage.
John Paul Young – “Love Is In The Air”

WaWaNee absolutely rocked the keytar as only they can! “Stimulation” and “I Can Make You Love Me” got the crowd up. A bit of trivia for you: Paul Gray, the lead singer, and I share the same birthday, November 28th. I thought that was cool when I was 12 years old. Still do just quietly.
WaWaNee – “Stimulation”

Pseudo Echo – what can I say? They played and sounded just like they did in the 80s. Better actually. My sister was floored to find out that Brian Canham (lead singer) is 52 years old! Which really just means we’re getting old! Eek!
Pseudo Echo – “Listening”

1927 finished the show. Eric Weideman is still a big spunk, just a bit older. They’ve still got it.
1927 – “That’s When I Think of You”

The concert came to a close with a joint tribute to Doc Neeson and The Angels with “Am I Ever Gonna See You Face Again?” to which we all replied “No way, get fucked, fuck off!” Haha! So bogan and so Aussie!

All up, it was 6 hours of awesome 80s Aussie rock n’ roll. Now that’s my idea of a good night out.

Aimee x

I Don’t Want To Play That Funky Music. Not Today.

Do you ever get yourself in a funk and you don’t know why? It seems I am currently in one. The hubster is at work up north and he picked up on it when we spoke on the phone – he knows me too well – even though I kept saying no, no, I’m not. And yet, I’m a little bit down. Go figure.

I pride myself on being a positive person – always the silver lining people! Why dwell on stuff you can’t change? Look forward and seek out the positives of every situation. That’s how I roll, anyway.

When I’m in a funk I tend to go into myself. Close the blinds, close the doors and be on my own. Why bring others down too because I just don’t want to talk or smile today? I’ll get over it. Eventually.

Some of the things that are getting me down include:

1. My bank balance is close to zero due to some kick ass Christmas shopping yesterday. I am totes proud of my gift buying efforts but it sucks that now I have to go out to work to earn more money to buy more stuff. It’s a vicious cycle.
2. My weight, always my weight. Moving on …
3. I seriously need new bra and I NEVER buy myself any! I don’t want to shock you but I’ve pretty much been wearing the same bra for two years and they were a crap pair to begin with. God knows what they’re doing to my mammaries :/
4. I have to go to work tomorrow. I have no right complaining about this seeing as I am a FIFO wife and the hubster works 13-hour days for two weeks straight in 40-plus degree heat. But still …

Now, I know there’s really big issues going on in the world and my mum always says “there’s wars on” which puts my teeny tiny issues into the “shut your damn whinging up” category. To be honest, I think my funk can be summed up with one word. HORMONES. Stupid dumb unnecessary hormones. I blame them for everything!

I feel slightly better now I’ve vented. Thanks for listening.

Aimee x