I Quit Sugar

Today I bought this book. 

It has gotten to the stage where I have totally lost my way so an 8-week sugar detox couldn’t hurt, right? Time to take charge of myself and my body, my health and my lifestyle choices. Time to eliminate the shit that’s bringing me down.
Week One isn’t too strict – the trick is to not go hard-core cold turkey but eliminate sugar at a steady pace without wanting to rip another’s throat out! Plus, looking through this book (which is awesome by the way) I will need to head to the supermarket to buy a shitload of ingredients. 
I’m going to blog about this venture week by week and let you all know how I’m going. If for nothing else, this process stops me eating the whole block of chocolate in one sitting, then I’ll be happy. 
Until next time …
Aimee x

Every Which Way But Scrambled

Tonight I thought for dinner we’d have an easy option: fried egg and bacon rolls – a fave of my son’s. I don’t like eggs. I’ll eat them in a cake but not on toast if you know what I mean.

My daughter doesn’t want fried eggs tonight. She wants boiled eggs mashed into a sandwich. And so here’s the question: Are you a mum that makes different meals for your kids?

I must confess that I am one of those mums. And I NEVER thought I would be. My friend Hayley would be yelling at me right now saying “they eat what you cook or they don’t eat”, which is how she rolls and that’s perfectly fine. However, I was a very fussy child and am a somewhat fussy adult (don’t get me started on dirty old tomatoes!) so I kind of make exceptions for them.

As a child of the 80s I grew up with the mentality of “eat your dinner or you’ll eat it for breakfast” (this was threatened to me by my mum a few times but I don’t remember ever having to). I remember the anxiety I felt at dinner time about what was going to be put in front of me. The question of “what’s for dinner?” and finding clever ways to hide my peas under my plate. My mum was not a bad cook at all. I was just a big fusspot. Poor Ma.

So because of this, and because I grew out of my fussiness, I make allowances for the kids. My son is worse than my daughter and I do get them both to try things before saying they don’t like it. Although, it is frustrating when I’ve cooked a nice meal and he’ll have Weetbix or toast for tea.

What do you do in these situations? Are you a hard arse mum that only cooks one meal and too bad if they don’t eat it? Or do you accommodate the fussiness of your children?


Aimee x

The End of Parenthood

This is not a blog about parenthood in the sense of being a parent. It’s about “Parenthood” the TV show. So if you’re a TV nut like me, then read on.

I like to watch a TV series in its entirety rather than week by week with all the ads and having to wait a whole week to find out what’s happening next. This way the storyline stays fresh in your mind and if it’s an emotional finale, well your emotions take a swift kick in the ass too!

Over the last few days and this afternoon I have caught up with and watched the final season of “Parenthood”. And let me tell you, it was a doozie. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and to see it come to an end is bittersweet but alas, these things must happen.

I can relate to the Bravermans. I don’t have brothers but I do have two sisters and fantastic parents which equals a crazy family who talk over each other all the time and spend a lot of time together. We are all extremely close and have an amazing relationship with our parents. There are nieces and nephews, cousins and in-laws. There’s not too many of us but we love it.

Here are some things I loved about “Parenthood”:

1. The sibling connection. Having two sisters – an older and a younger (yes, I am a middle child and occasionally suffer from Middle Child Syndrome #nojudgment), I love the bond I share with my sisters. I couldn’t imagine not having a sibling. It’s one of the best things a girl could have. Although I must admit I would’ve loved a brother. But I do have brothers-in-law so that’s good enough.

2. Camille and Zeke’s house and Joel and Julia’s house. I love these houses. Americans really know how to build them. I’m not sure if they were filmed on a set but even the front facades are fantastic. I was surprised when Camille and Zeke sold their house. I’d never leave if I lived there.

3. Joel and Julia getting back together. They’re perfect for each other and I was glad that this happened.

4. The ending. What a sad and happy ending all in one. I don’t want to say too much just in case I spoil it for someone who hasn’t seen it, but it was perfect.

5. That Sarah finally got her shit together. Finally, she picked a good guy and they’ll live happily ever after.

6. Amber and Drew. They are the cutest siblings with the strongest bond ever. I hope my son and daughter have that too.

7. That Zeke calls Camille “Millie”. That is just the cutest thing ever. If I had another daughter (not a chance by the way) I’d call her Millie. So sweet.

8. Crosby. Just Crosby.

Now I know this is just a TV show and none of it’s real but I had to debrief with someone about how goddamn awesome this show was! Have you watched it? What did you love?

Until next time …

Aimee x

School’s Back! Yeah Baby!

Another summer school holidays have been and gone. It’s back to school today. I now have a Year 4 and a Year 6 child. When did that happen?! I can still remember their first days at school like it was yesterday.



Being Year 6 means the last year of primary school for my son. I think I will be a little bit sad every day this year leading up to the transition to high school. Of course I’ll mourn in private – my son already thinks I’m lame to be sad about it seeing as it’s a whole year away!

A new school year means all new things! New school bag, new lunch box, new drink bottles, new uniform and of course, the most important, new stationery. I seriously have an addiction to stationery. I should own or be working in a newsagent/stationery shop! Opening up your new pencil case with all your new pens and pencils, not to mention glue sticks, erasers, rulers and other nifty items! That to me is a great morning!!

The start of a new school year also means back to work for me. I’m not that excited about it but I’ve got a pretty good gig where I can set my own hours and only have to answer to me so there’s not much to complain about really. Plus I have a new insulated lunch bag. Mumma can’t miss out!

I’m looking forward to getting my routine back. A bit of structure is what’s needed for the kids and for me. It will be busy this year I’m predicting with both the kids doing three extra-curricular activities throughout the week. But I’m sure we’ll cope.

I have a few things that are planned for this year. A rather large personal event that I’m really looking forward to which should be happening in the first half of the year. Plus some small renovations around the house which should be fun.

To all the kiddies who are heading back to school today or going to school for the first time, I hope you have a great day! And to the mums (and some dads), enjoy having your life back!

Until next time …

Aimee x