Making The Most of It

What a busy, fun filled weekend I had! Living the FIFO life we definitely packed a whole lot into it, making the most of having the hubster home. From making macramé wall hangings with girlfriends, to watching my daughter’s first netball game ever (she did so well!), heading out to see the first WAFL game of the season, enjoying a yummy lunch in Leederville with Mark’s family, to a night of fishing in Palm Beach. So much fun.

IMG_4288   IMG_4273

IMG_4241   IMG_4268

IMG_4304   IMG_4296

IMG_4258   IMG_4256

IMG_4238   IMG_4265

IMG_4235   IMG_4229


Until next time …

Aimee x


DIY: String Art

I have been wanting to make string art since the first time I made it in Year 5, back in 1986. It was for a class project and I made a red, white and blue yacht. I’m pretty sure I still have it too.

Today’s diy was a little bit smaller and it only took a couple of hours. I was inspired by some art I saw on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go.

I didn’t research any tutorials or find out how to do it. I think the best thing about diy is that it’s okay to have some flaws and for it not to be completely perfect. I sort of remembered how to do it so I went by memory.

Mum and Dad have recently put decking down at the back of their place and I had an offcut of timber which is what I used for the base. I had some neon builders string leftover from when I made some neon moss balls with my friend, Reannon. Some small nails, a small hammer, paper, pencil, ruler and some sticky tape is all that was needed to complete the project.


I roughly drew up a design of two arrows on a piece of paper. Then I secured the paper to the wood with some tape and started tapping in the nails. You can measure the distance between the nails which is what I did on the long sides of the arrows but I just eye-balled it on the smaller areas.

IMG_4139 IMG_4142

Once all the nails were in place, I removed the paper. Then it was time for the stringing. There’s no real way to do this. If you had a more intricate pattern I suppose there would be a method of stringing from nail to nail however, I wanted a more free flowing design so just made it up as I went along.

IMG_4144 IMG_4146

And here’s the finished product. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It’s bright and cheerful and handmade which is my fave. Let’s just hope it doesn’t unravel overnight.


Until next time …

Aimee x

Saturday Happenings

Today was a lovely day spent at home. With the first of the rains slowly falling, every door and window of the house were opened to let the breeze in. Until the humidity set in, then the aircon was turned on. Stupid humidity.

Here’s what I got up to:

A cake was made.


Washing was done.


The daughter learnt some basic sewing skills. She made a cushion.


Photo negatives of days gone by were turned into digital prints. I don’t care what anyone says, the invention of the selfie is a fantastic thing. Some of these photos are just plain cruel.


The daughter’s cupboards and bedroom were given a spring clean, with some unwanted items ready for the op shop. Best feeling ever.


A nice little bonus at the end of the day was leftover chicken and rice for dinner. No cooking; just reheating. Gotta love that.

Now I’m off to watch a movie (or three). Happy Saturday lovelies.

Until next time …

Aimee x

Bring Back The Vinyl

One of my favourite past times is to watch music clips on YouTube. I can literally do this for hours, which in turn results in posting some of my fave clips to my Facebook page and usually gets me all nostalgic for the music I grew up listening to. (Who knows what my Facebook friends think).

My parents are pretty cool when it comes to music and well versed in the types of music they listen to. It was never a certain genre: we pretty much listened to and enjoyed everything. My sisters and I were raised right; being exposed to all sorts of music from Motown, British 60s, the 70s – think ABBA, Boney M, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond to name a few, followed by the best decade ever – the 80s – where it was Hall and Oats, INXS, U2, Hunters and Collectors, Elton John and all of the above. What baffles me though is I am a total nutcase lover of Bruce Springsteen (probably because he’s still a big spunk at the age of 65!!) but I don’t remember a lot of Bruce growing up. I’m pretty sure my love for him stemmed from “Dancing in the Dark”. I’m only human, right?

Watching these music clips on YouTube has made me think of the way we purchase our music. Obviously, growing up it was all vinyl which then moved to cassette tape then CD and now iTunes. For me, vinyl is definitely the best.

In Perth where I live, we have a few vinyl stores in Freo, the City and even one a few suburbs away which is awesome. And I think it’s awesome that artists are releasing their albums on vinyl again. Bring back the vinyl!

It got me to thinking of my fave vinyl record stores featured in some of my fave movies. So here are my top picks (all images courtesy of Pinterest):

Pretty in Pink

What I wouldn’t give to have worked in a record store like this. Pure enjoyment.

PiP Record Store PiP Record Store1

PiP Record Store3 PiP Record Store4

High Fidelity

The craziness of Jack Black and the cool John Cusack = an awesome record store. In fact, any movie with John Cusack is going to have a viewer in me.

High Fidelity High Fidelity1

High Fidelity2 High Fidelity4

Empire Records

Renee Zellweger’s debut film is a goodie. My favourite scene in the film is when Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet” is playing on the loudspeaker with the girl dancing along while listening to it on her headphones. Plus you can’t go past Rex Manning Day!

Empire Records Empire Records1

Empire Records2 Empire Records3

Are you a vinyl appreciator too? What are your faves?

Until next time …

Aimee x

I Quit Sugar – Week One

Well I’m still here and I haven’t murdered anyone so that’s a good thing.
Week One without sugar included a busy long weekend and I managed to get through it with minimal sugar intake. I also made a couple of recipes from the I Quit Sugar book.
First was the Coco-Nutty Granola which is so yum! It’s a fave of the hubby’s too. He’s doing this with me and he’s dropping weight like nobody’s business. Let’s not talk about that. Back to the Granola. I made a big batch of it and added rolled oats to bulk it up a bit. I put some in a small container to take with me when I go out and it’s also nice with a bit of milk for breakfast. Here’s the recipe link from Pinterest:
I also made some Broccoli Pesto. It’s quite yummy – a tad garlicky so I’ll tone that down for next time. It’s nice with crackers and tonight I’m going to run it through some pasta. Yum!
On the scales it shows I’ve dropped a kilo so that’s nice however, with me and my hormones, who the hell knows. My weight goes up and down like an elevator! I try not to pay attention to that square thing in my bathroom that tells me the truth. Who needs it!
I haven’t craved sugar at all. I’ve had no headaches. I’ve gone cold turkey and cut out all sugar from my tea and coffee. I’ve always been one to add a teaspoon of sugar and thought I would struggle with this but I haven’t even noticed it.
So all in all Week One has been good. I will say though that I’m not going hardcore with this. No punishments will be handed out if I have some sweetness here and there. This is for me and me alone. Like I said from the start, I have been majorly overdosing on sugar for a very long time and I’m done. I’m over it. I feel crap. I need to do something and this is what I’ve chosen to do. How can it not be good for me?
Until next time …
Aimee x