School’s Out

It’s Easter time. Time for holidays, celebrations and stuffing lots of chocolate in our faces! Good times!

One of the best things about having school aged children is that I get to enjoy the 2-week break with them. Being self-employed, I’m lucky that I’m able to do this.

That being said, it also means I have two whole weeks to get stuff done. I have been making a list – because lists are my thang – of things I’d like to achieve during these two weeks. My list includes exciting and fun things – like upcycling a vintage queen bed frame that I bought off a friend, to baking giant cookies with the kids, to craft – lots of craft. My list also includes boring things like, destaining my coffee cups, cleaning drains, sorting out my pantry and mopping my floors! Urgh! And I can absolutely guarantee that the mopping of my floors will be done on the last night of the holidays. Procrastination much!

So what’s happening today? I bought a massive Easter colouring book so today, we colour.


Happy Easter to you.

Aimee x