Mother’s Day 1976

Today is Mother’s Day and a Happy Mother’s Day to you! I hope your little cherubs and significant other spoilt you today in every way possible. The hubby is away working the FIFO life so is not with us today but he made sure the kiddies had everything sorted for me this morning. I woke to the sounds of my son and daughter surrounding my bed with gifts, cards and balloons, hearing little whispers about the placement of these gifts. Just too cute.

My mumma is one very special lady; always there for me whenever I need her. I’m one of three daughters (me being the middle child) and I just know that, even those it’s never spoken about, that I am the favourite. She’s only human after all 😉

I love music. Deep in my soul. So to celebrate the year that was surely my mother’s most special year (the year I was born) let me share with you some of my favourite tunes that came out of 1976. Enjoy.

Aimee x