So Many Questions 

I do my best thinking in the shower. It’s the number one place where my mind wanders and I have so many thoughts and questions and ideas but I never have a pen to write them down.

Here are some of the questions that have come out of today’s shower experience. Do men think this much? What do men think about? Seriously, I’d love to know. 

* Am I good mum?

* Do I yell at the kids too much?

* Do they know how much I love them?

* Do I do enough for them?

* Am I a good friend?

* Do I talk too much?

* Do I speak “wanker” too often?

* Do people really care to know what I did on my holidays?

* Am I too fat?

* Does it really matter if I am?

* Do people judge me for it?

* Do I care if they do?

* Am I a good wife?

* Do I give my husband everything he needs?

* Did I win the lottery from yesterday’s ticket and they just haven’t called me yet?

* I want to volunteer my time – I really must look into that. 

* Why did I go for an hour-long walk this afternoon and then come home and eat a cupcake? Doesn’t that just negate the purpose of exercise?

I think I need to take shorter showers …

Aimee x


2 thoughts on “So Many Questions 

  1. Reannon @shewhorambles says:

    All totally normal shower questions. Of course you are a good mum, you are great in fact. And you are an awesome friend, one of the best!
    I often do my budget in the shower, writing my equations onto the steamed up glass!

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