Time Spent in the Country

I love where I live. I love how even though my little country suburb is getting more and more populated, I love that just down the road, 10 minutes from home in the neighbouring suburb, there are some country markets. Proper country markets; where most of the market-goers are over the age of 60, yet the younger generations are also here with their little kids, starting a whole new love of these type of traditional markets.

These are the type of markets that are set up on a block of land, probably land that has been owned by the same family for decades, set beneath the beautiful, willowy canopies of the trees. Folk young and old are chatting over coffee, sampling produce or having a bite to eat while waiting for the auctions to start.

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Yes, did I mention that these markets also auction livestock? There is so much awesomeness here! Mark is in his element (he’s even registered to bid!) and we’re hoping to go home with some chickens. You can also bid on pigs, sheep, goats and even a baby alpaca!


Up the back of the property they auction off household items and other such things. Down the front amongst the trees there are all kinds of wares for sale. There are plants, herbs and succulents  (I bought some hibiscus plants – the old boy even threw one in for free!), even jams and preserves made by a little old lady. I bought some raspberry jam from her – it’s mine and the kids’ favourite. I can imagine her in her kitchen making these little jars of wonderfulness. That makes it all the more special and we all know homemade is the best. There’s large jars of pickled onions for sale, soap made with goats milk, vintage crockery and other bits and pieces. There’s even a bouncy castle for the kids.


On the way in to the markets there was a fruit and veg guy. I bought four big spuds, four pink lady apples and two bananas. All this came to a grand total of $2.00! What that actual what?! Two bucks! That’s crazy! I even asked him to check the weight to be sure. How can you seriously go past fresh produce with prices like these?


The pigs are getting auctioned at the moment. I’d say the sheep and alpacas are next, then we’ll be bidding for some chooks. We’re only bidding on one lot which has three hens. I really hope we get it but there’s heaps of people here so probably not.


Well, did we win the chooks? Woohoo, we sure did! We are now the proud owners of three little chookies! A Plymouth Rock, a Rhode Island Red, and a Wyandotte/Sussex! Can’t wait to get them home 😊


What a great day …

Aimee x


So Many Questions 

I do my best thinking in the shower. It’s the number one place where my mind wanders and I have so many thoughts and questions and ideas but I never have a pen to write them down.

Here are some of the questions that have come out of today’s shower experience. Do men think this much? What do men think about? Seriously, I’d love to know. 

* Am I good mum?

* Do I yell at the kids too much?

* Do they know how much I love them?

* Do I do enough for them?

* Am I a good friend?

* Do I talk too much?

* Do I speak “wanker” too often?

* Do people really care to know what I did on my holidays?

* Am I too fat?

* Does it really matter if I am?

* Do people judge me for it?

* Do I care if they do?

* Am I a good wife?

* Do I give my husband everything he needs?

* Did I win the lottery from yesterday’s ticket and they just haven’t called me yet?

* I want to volunteer my time – I really must look into that. 

* Why did I go for an hour-long walk this afternoon and then come home and eat a cupcake? Doesn’t that just negate the purpose of exercise?

I think I need to take shorter showers …

Aimee x