Taking Stock: June 2015

I had lunch on the lawn with some girlfriends yesterday, lazing the day away while their babies played. Soaking in the sun and chatting about nothing. Those really are the best convos, aren’t they? When it’s comfortable chatter, flowing from one subject to the next.  

I’ve been away from my blog for awhile now. I don’t really know why because I have a lot of subjects and topics to write about but for some reason I procrastinate writing them or just totally forget my words. I usually have my best stories in my head when I’m at work and can’t write them down. Then they’re lost forever. A lot of it comes down to confidence (or lack thereof). Wondering if anyone’s going to read my posts? Wondering if I sound stupid? Overthinking everything. After speaking to the girls yesterday, I decided to put those thoughts out of my mind. Stuff it! I’ll write them anyway – even if no one reads them. I’ll treat my blog like a “dear diary” or a journal, jotting down thoughts and recipes, diy’s and anything else that comes along. 

Mark has picked up the kids from school and taken them to the shops so while they’re gone, here is a quick Taking Stock post for the month of June:

Making : Well, I’m not making it but the hubby is making a new chook shed in the backyard. He’s doing such a great job. Can’t wait to get the chooks when he’s finished. 

Cooking : I’m a bit obsessed with baking cookies lately. My fave ones have been Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies that I found on Pinterest. Way too yummy!

Drinking : Cups of tea. 

Reading: The free Coles magazine with Curtis Stone on the front. I love this mag but there seems to be a lot of seafood recipes in this one and I’m not a fan of seafood. 

Wanting: My hibiscus that we transplanted from the backyard to the frontyard to grow and thrive. I have my fingers crossed. 

Looking: Forward to a bingo night I’m going to in a couple of weeks. Totally daggy and nanna-rish but I don’t care. Legs eleven!

Playing: Mahjong on my iPad. 

Deciding: Where to put my herb and veggie garden so my dog doesn’t eat it. 

Wishing: For some fruit trees. 

Enjoying: The silence. 

Waiting: For the kids and hubby to come home so I can hear about their day. 

Liking: Cats. Those who know me know I don’t do cats but my job has forced me to like them. And I kind of do. Just don’t jump on me. I’ll go ninja on your arse!

Wondering: If there’s a good movie on TV tonight. 

Loving: The fact that I don’t have to cook tea tonight. 

Considering: Another cuppa. But it’s never as nice as the first one. 

Watching: “French Kiss” with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. 

Hoping: For some rain. 

Marvelling: At people who can. There are some very clever folk in this world. 

Needing: A haircut. 

Smelling: Fresh laundry. 

Wearing: My comfy clothes after my shower. 

Following: New Instagrammers that I’ve found.

Noticing: How great it is that the kids have kids in the street to play with. 

Knowing: That I have a lot to be thankful for. 

Admiring: my new Pallet Wall that my hubby made in our master bedroom. 

Sorting: Out bedrooms and robes and kids stuff. It seriously never ends. 

Buying: Things from Kmart. I love Kmart. 

Getting: Excited that it’s the weekend. 

Bookmarking: All the little videos that pop up on my fb feed so I can watch them later. 

Disliking: Not seeing my girlfriends enough. 

Opening: My adult colouring book. Colouring is so relaxing. One of my fave past times. 

Giggling: With my hubby. He’s one funny guy. 

Feeling: The love. 

Snacking: On chocolate. 

Coveting: This awesome tote bag from Kith and Kin Makers. 

Helping: Myself to another bit of chocolate.

Hearing: The ticking of a clock which I kind of find soothing. 

Hope you have a great weekend,

Aimee x


Taking Stock – November 2014


Making : a cuppa
Cooking : chicken enchiladas for tea
Drinking : tea and water
Reading: Harry M Miller “Confessions of a Not-So-Secret Agent”. It’s a good read but I keep putting it down to jump onto social media. Procrastination much?
Wanting: desperately to get back to being healthy and exercise more
Looking: at wedding chapels online in Vegas. It’s getting close!
Playing: Piperoll on the iPad
Deciding: on which movie to download next. Any suggestions?
Wishing: I didn’t need to wash my hair everyday
Enjoying: the fact that I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and it’s all wrapped up, ready for the big day
Waiting: for Wednesday when the hubster returns from a FIFO stint
Liking: time with my family and friends. There’s truly nothing better
Wondering: if my niece will take my budgeting advice. Probably not 😊
Loving: my new white Christmas tree
Pondering: my self-doubt
Considering: untangling the mountain of solar Christmas lights for outside. Might do that this afternoon
Watching: music clips on YouTube. It’s always my go-to feel-good place
Hoping: for snow in New York in January. It will be a first for me
Marvelling: at my children. For nothing in particular; just because they’re them
Needing: some brown boots for America, which I’ll buy … in America #somuchcheaper
Smelling: freshly laundered clothes
Wearing: my nightie. All day. Without a bra. I don’t even care
Following: the tributes for Phillip Hughes. It’s been a cryfest this morning
Noticing: how unkempt my nails are. Looking forward to my upcoming manicure
Knowing: that I can do it. I just have to believe
Thinking: about so much that I don’t know where to start
Admiring: my friend who made a change that is proving to be the best decision she made for herself
Sorting: through the spare room. It’s neverending
Buying: an express pass for NYC so we don’t have to wait in line for The Rock and the Empire State Building
Getting: some books delivered, borrowed by my bestie
Bookmarking: the Oztix website so I don’t miss out on buying Chet Faker tickets
Disliking: that I missed presale for Chet Faker
Opening: new birthday gifts
Giggling: at Will & Grace reruns
Feeling: excited for our America holiday in 25 days!

Snacking: on funsize Cadbury Marvellous Creations. I don’t really like them but hey, it’s chocolate
Coveting: a new wardrobe of clothes
Helping: my sister yesterday with her home. It’s amazing how rearranging furniture can make you fall in love with the space all over again
Hearing: “Good Luck Charlie” on the tv. The kids have taken over the lounge room

Aimee x

Taking Stock

Oh Sunday, how I love thee.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week; Friday night coming a close second. It’s the day of the week that I can lay in bed (with the washing machine on) and read a book or watch YouTube music clips – one of my favourite past times. It’s also the day for baking, blogging, washing and hanging out at home.

Next month I will be partaking in Pip’s online course “Blog with Pip” which I’m totes excited about! I love learning about new things and being creative. One of Pip’s regular blogs is “Taking Stock” which is a fun list of “reading, playing, liking, knowing…” and I thought I’d give it a crack. So here’s my version of “Taking Stock”:

Making: a lovely morning cup of tea. The best beverage in the world.
Cooking: technically, I’m not cooking today, but yesterday I baked vanilla cupcakes and Anzac biscuits.
Drinking: that beautiful cup of tea. Heaven in a cup.
Reading: “I’m Talking” by Kate Ceberano.
Wanting: my hair to turn back to how I had it in high school. Sigh.
Looking: through Facebook. Such a timewaster but I can’t pull myself away.
Playing: with my new camera that I bought this week in preparation for our USA trip. I got a Nikon D3200.
Deciding: that I now want to do a short photography course so I can know everything that my new camera does and I’m snap-ready for America.
Wishing: that the sun would come out so I can paint my son’s room.
Enjoying: the sweet sounds of my new playlist on my iPhone.
Waiting: till I have to take my son to his footy windup this afternoon.
Liking: this cool new track: Tove Lo – Stay High (Habits Remix) ft. Hippie Sabotage


Wondering: what I’m going to do tomorrow on my day off.
Loving: life. Pure and simple.
Pondering: on whether to do a short interior design course. They keep sending me the information in the mail and emailing me and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. What have I got to lose? Should I just do it?
Considering: going for a run. It’s time peeps.
Watching: the Disney Channel on Foxtel – my daughter has control this morning :/
Hoping: secretly that, one day, my daughter will play (at least try) netball. It was something I loved so much when I was younger. But I know it’s her choice. Maybe I’ll have to get my son into it instead.
Marvelling: at life stories. I’m obsessed with shows like Australian Story and Who Do You Think You Are? I would love to pen some life stories into a book. Anyone got a story they’d like to tell me?
Needing: someone (read: myself) to kick me up the arse and get in shape for our USA trip which is in 116 days!!
Smelling: my shampooed head
Wearing: my daggy clothes and Bonds slouch slippers. It’s my go-to hanging out at home, not glamorous at all, outfit.
Following: some cool new bloggers that I’ve found through Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Social media really is a marvellous tool.
Noticing: that our dog is licking a limestone block in the backyard. Umm, why?
Knowing: that the group of school mums that I hang with are some of the coolest peeps ever. It amazes me how much in common I have with these fine folk. So much to talk about!
Thinking: that I need to buy a new phone charger. This one’s just not doing its job.
Admiring: my children: how they can have a little tiff one minute and the next they’re back to being besties.
Sorting: through photos on my iPhone.
Buying: herbs tomorrow for my new vertical herb garden. Watch this space.
Getting: excited for what’s to come. So many things to look forward to.
Bookmarking: things to do in Las Vegas. So much to do, so little time.
Disliking: negativity. Life is short. Seek out the positives, peeps.
Opening: the back door to let the fresh air in.
Giggling: at my son. He really is a funny fellow.
Feeling: so proud of my eldest sister who has just texted me a pic of her completing the City to Surf this morning. 12.38km in 1:09mins. Go sis!
Snacking: on an Anzac biscuit I baked yesterday. Yum!
Coveting: a pair of Toms. I hope to find them in abundance at a ridiculously cheap price when in the USA.

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Wishing: that I could win the Lotto and become a property developer. You know, the worst house in the best street. That kind of thing.
Helping: my kid’s go through their clothes. So. Many. Clothes.
Hearing: my washing machine beeping and telling me that it’s finished. Time to put another load on.

Have a great day lovelies!

Aims  x