Taking Stock – November 2014


Making : a cuppa
Cooking : chicken enchiladas for tea
Drinking : tea and water
Reading: Harry M Miller “Confessions of a Not-So-Secret Agent”. It’s a good read but I keep putting it down to jump onto social media. Procrastination much?
Wanting: desperately to get back to being healthy and exercise more
Looking: at wedding chapels online in Vegas. It’s getting close!
Playing: Piperoll on the iPad
Deciding: on which movie to download next. Any suggestions?
Wishing: I didn’t need to wash my hair everyday
Enjoying: the fact that I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and it’s all wrapped up, ready for the big day
Waiting: for Wednesday when the hubster returns from a FIFO stint
Liking: time with my family and friends. There’s truly nothing better
Wondering: if my niece will take my budgeting advice. Probably not 😊
Loving: my new white Christmas tree
Pondering: my self-doubt
Considering: untangling the mountain of solar Christmas lights for outside. Might do that this afternoon
Watching: music clips on YouTube. It’s always my go-to feel-good place
Hoping: for snow in New York in January. It will be a first for me
Marvelling: at my children. For nothing in particular; just because they’re them
Needing: some brown boots for America, which I’ll buy … in America #somuchcheaper
Smelling: freshly laundered clothes
Wearing: my nightie. All day. Without a bra. I don’t even care
Following: the tributes for Phillip Hughes. It’s been a cryfest this morning
Noticing: how unkempt my nails are. Looking forward to my upcoming manicure
Knowing: that I can do it. I just have to believe
Thinking: about so much that I don’t know where to start
Admiring: my friend who made a change that is proving to be the best decision she made for herself
Sorting: through the spare room. It’s neverending
Buying: an express pass for NYC so we don’t have to wait in line for The Rock and the Empire State Building
Getting: some books delivered, borrowed by my bestie
Bookmarking: the Oztix website so I don’t miss out on buying Chet Faker tickets
Disliking: that I missed presale for Chet Faker
Opening: new birthday gifts
Giggling: at Will & Grace reruns
Feeling: excited for our America holiday in 25 days!

Snacking: on funsize Cadbury Marvellous Creations. I don’t really like them but hey, it’s chocolate
Coveting: a new wardrobe of clothes
Helping: my sister yesterday with her home. It’s amazing how rearranging furniture can make you fall in love with the space all over again
Hearing: “Good Luck Charlie” on the tv. The kids have taken over the lounge room

Aimee x